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Xi'an Beidou Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:

Xi'an Beidou Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, dedicated to the research and development of military and civilian inertial technology and product design, development and sales.

1. Strategic positioning and vision of the company

1) Strategic positioning of the company: research and development of dual-use inertial technology and products for military and civilian use

2) Mission of the company: In-depth understanding of customer application needs, providing customers with customized, standardized inertial products and services, creating value for the company to create sustainable development.

3) Company vision: inertial technology service military and people's livelihood

2, the main products:

1) Fiber Optic Gyro Positioning System: Land Positioning Orientation System is mainly used for missile launch, weapon aiming, and dynamic and static initial alignment and direction control of radar, antenna, vehicle and other targets.

2) General Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder : Geological Tunnel and Metro Mapping.

3) Coal mine dedicated FOG gyro north finder: mining machine

4) High-precision FOG inertial navigation: It is mainly used for navigation, positioning, orientation and attitude measurement and control of various platforms such as military vehicles, ships, submarines, airplanes and drones.

5) Logging FOG continuous inclinometer: mainly used for exploration and development of oil, natural gas and mineral resources

3. Main advantages:

1) Technical team

With senior and advanced inertial technical engineers, several designers, and dozens of assembly and commissioning engineers, technical support engineers and other strong technical development, maintenance, support team

2) Technical support

In-depth technical exchange with domestic aviation, aerospace, weapons research institutes and well-known universities, and strong technical support

3) Core device

The core sensors include fiber optic gyroscopes, quartz accelerometers, navigation computer boards, etc., all from military, aerospace, military and other military industrial institutes and military factories. The quality is reliable and the performance is stable.

4) Project experience

**** Positioning Orientation System Development and Technology Transfer Project

**** Military tank turret attitude control project

****FOG petroleum inclinometer development project

**** Branch coal mine dedicated FOG north finder

5) Intellectual property rights

Two inland positioning and orientation system invention patents, north finder signal processing software system, north finder leveling software system, north finder initial alignment software system, north finder fast alignment software system, north finder position navigation Software system, six software copyright certificates of the North Finder integrated navigation software system.

6) Quality management

It has the national military standard quality management system certificate and the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certificate.

7) National high-tech enterprises receive financial support from national science and technology development projects



Office group activities

Petroleum inclinometer

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Vehicle testing, military personnel visit dynamic test

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