Positioning and orientation system
- 2019-05-21-

Satellite-Inertial Navigation Integrated Positioning System, which is a positioning and orientation system that includes a satellite positioning system (GPS/Beidou/GNSS) and an inertial directional positioning navigation system (INS).

The satellite positioning navigation system has the characteristics of high precision and communication, but the system cannot provide navigation parameters such as carrier attitude, and when used on a flight carrier, the receiver is difficult to capture and track satellites due to the maneuvering motion of the carrier. The carrier signal, even for the tracked signal, is unlocked; the inertial directional positioning navigation system uses the internal inertial device (gyro, accelerometer) to obtain the current position information, which is sealed and does not need to communicate with the outside world, so it is independent. Strong, the disadvantage is that as the navigation continues, the inertial navigation will be biased (caused by temperature changes and vibrations, which can be compensated by the algorithm)

In order to overcome the above shortcomings, according to the complementary characteristics of the navigation functions of INS and GPS, the two are combined in an appropriate way to improve the overall navigation accuracy and navigation performance of the system and the ability of aerial alignment and realignment. The GPS receiver will also improve the ability to capture, track, and recapture with the aid of inertial position and velocity information, and the navigation accuracy will not decrease too much if the satellite has poor distribution conditions or few visible stars. Due to its significant advantages, the GPS/INS combination system is unanimously considered to be the ideal integrated navigation system for flight carriers.    .

In the combined positioning navigation system, the inertial system can be corrected by the satellite positioning system information timing. At the same time, the inertial positioning navigation system can ensure the accuracy of the navigation information in a certain period of time when the satellite signal cannot be accepted.