The difference between laser gyro and fiber optic gyro north finder
- 2019-05-21-

What is the difference between a laser gyro and a fiber optic gyro north finder ? The basic components of the laser gyro are helium neon, total reflection mirror, and half mirror. Laser gyro combines cutting-edge technology such as light, machine, electricity and calculation. It covers a wide range of fields, including land, sea and air. Laser gyros is one of the important indicators to measure the development level of a country's optical technology. The working principle is that in the closed optical path, the two lights transmitted by the same light source in the clockwise direction and the counterclockwise direction interfere with each other, and the frequency difference of the light in two directions is measured, and the smaller surrounding area may have A more pronounced frequency difference occurs. The laser gyro is the speed of the stripe count, which does not require closed loop control.


The fiber optic gyroscope is a gyroscope in a broad sense, and is a sensor having a gyro effect based on the principle of modern physics. Fiber optic gyros measure the phase difference of the light in two directions, and the gyro used will lock the phase difference of the light in both directions through the Y-waveguide device. In order to increase the phase difference/speed coefficient, a large surrounding area is required, that is, a longer fiber is required.

Because it has no moving parts - high speed rotor, called solid state gyroscope. This new all-solid-state gyroscope will become the leading product of the future with broad development prospects and application prospects.

Both are optical gyros, all based on the Sagnac effect. The difference is that one propagates in the fiber and one propagates in the cavity. The cost of the fiber is low, but it is susceptible to uneven thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes and tension changes during winding. Laser gyro light propagates in the resonant cavity and is less affected by the outside world, so the accuracy is higher, but the resonant cavity is expensive.