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Beidou Navigation System Opens Global Service
- 2019-08-27-


   CCTV News: On December 27, 2018, Beidou navigation system began to provide services to the world. This global satellite navigation system, which is self-constructed and independently operated by China and compatible with other satellite navigation systems in the world, has been innovated for nearly 30 years and has been available to all types of users on a global scale, all weather and all day. High-precision, high-reliability positioning, navigation, and timing services.

    In the National Laboratory for Satellite Navigation Equipment Systems and Equipment Technology, the research on satellite-based aviation safety surveillance system, which is named "The Mirror of the Sky", is under intense and orderly progress.

     Beidou satellite navigation system from China's national conditions and national strength, chose to use the dual star positioning theory as the cornerstone, determined the first active after passive, first regional and global, "three steps" development strategy. However, when the Beidou-1 system was launched, it was more questioning and worrying.

In the face of difficulties, the builders of Beidou No.1 did not retreat. A group of Beidou experts and academicians took the lead, and with young scientists and technicians in a large bungalow in the 54th, they found problems and discussed plans. It’s hard to beat Hurdle.

      The construction and commissioning of Beidou No.1 not only solves the problems of satellite navigation in China, but also opens up a new path for satellite navigation. More importantly, it has cultivated Talent, accumulated experience, and strong Self-confidence. Since then, the construction of the Beidou system has entered the fast lane. Since the launch of the first Beidou satellite in 2000, 46 have been successfully launched, and none of them have failed. From the 2000 Beidou-1 system, it will only provide services to Chinese customers until the end of 2018. The Beidou No. 3 opened up global service and embarked on a road of satellite navigation development with Chinese characteristics.

     With the steady growth of Beidou satellite navigation system, the scale of related industries has also grown rapidly. At present, China's satellite navigation and location service enterprises have reached 14,000, with more than 500,000 employees, forming beads. Triangle, Beijing and Tianjin The five major industrial regions of the Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Hubei, Henan and Sichuan provinces; the independent Beidou chip has entered the 28-nanometer process, and the total number of satellite navigation patent applications in China has reached 54,000, ranking first in the world.

    In the fields of transportation, marine fisheries, etc., there are more than 6 million road-operated vehicles, 30,000 postal and express vehicles, and about 80,000 buses in more than 30 central cities. 6,000 inland rivers and maritime navigation facilities use north System. At the same time, Beidou high-precision products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, and Beidou system has won a good reputation for service performance and product quality. The Beidou system has also entered the standards of international organizations such as international civil aviation, international maritime affairs, and international mobile communications.