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Russian three-wave electronic interference, all resisted by the Beidou system
- 2019-09-03-

In 2018, in a joint military exercise, the Russian military showed electronic interference The equipment, three disturbances to the Beidou system, but all three were smashed down by the Beidou system, which made the Russian military a little embarrassed. In fact, before this confrontation, the Russian army did not put the Beidou system in its eyes, and even some of them did not look up. But this time, the Russians opened their eyes and not only paid tribute to the Beidou system. He also apologized to the previous attitude and had a strong interest in the Beidou system. He hoped to know the R&D experts of the Beidou system and the two peoples could exchange.


The key is coming, the Russian GLONASS engineers put forward an opinion, they hope to be able to jointly run the GLONASS system and the Beidou system. The Russian side also has its own ideas. They are thinking that if they can jointly run the two systems, the accuracy will definitely be much higher than the single one. This will also reduce the impact of the failure. After discussion and research, We also considered that this is a good opportunity to agree to start a joint operation. This is a truth that everyone understands. It is definitely better to have a single helper than to fight alone. Of course, we will certainly keep one hand for this helper.


In this way, the relevant cooperation agreement was finally finalized. In the future, this will make the cooperation between the two countries in the field of satellite navigation more frequent and close. There is only one opponent, that is, the United States. This is also to counter the current situation in which the US GPS system dominates the world. If there is a war in the future, it will be too favorable for the United States and more choices for more countries in the future. Of course, in the face of the joint efforts of the two countries, the United States, which has a face to face, will certainly not sit still, and the future will be an ice and fire contest on satellite systems.