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China Beidou system has reached 39 satellites in orbit next year.
- 2019-09-05-

       Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 4 (Reporter Zhang Jiansong) The vigorous development of satellite navigation applications has always accompanied the innovation and breakthrough of aerospace technology. The Beidou satellite navigation system is one of the four major satellite navigation core suppliers in the world, and currently has 39 satellites in orbit.

      According to Yang Jun, deputy director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office, at the 8th International Conference on Aerospace Technology Innovation held in Shanghai on the 4th, starting from the end of 2017, the construction of the Beidou No. 3 system entered an ultra-high-density launch. At present, the Beidou system officially provides RNSS services to the world, with a total of 39 satellites in orbit. This year, we will launch another 5-7 units. After launching 2-4 satellites next year, the Beidou global system construction will be completed.

    Beidou system always takes innovation and development as the driving force. Through innovation to promote technology development, the on-board atomic clock has been improved by three orders of magnitude, and the satellite positioning accuracy has been steadily improved. Through the expansion of functions, the global short report has been added on the basis of further improving the global navigation and positioning performance and regional short message communication service capabilities. Service capabilities such as text communication, international search and rescue, satellite-based enhancement, and precision single-point positioning contribute to "Chinese wisdom" for world space technology.

    Innovation also drives The development of the application industry. The Beidou chip, which is cheap and good, is entering the 28-nanometer era. By establishing a ground-based augmentation system, it has realized a high-quality and high-precision service provided by a nationwide network; through the development of industry and regional demonstrations, it has promoted the benign development of the Beidou industry ecology.

    Yang Jun said Beidou system always adheres to open cooperation and resource sharing. It has been compatible with GPS and GLONASS. Beidou navigation system has also joined international organizations such as international civil aviation, international maritime affairs, and 3GPP mobile to accelerate its integration into global services and contribute "China Power" to the world's satellite navigation.

    by international aerospace The 8th International Conference on Aerospace Technology Innovation (China Shanghai) co-sponsored by the Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Society and Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute, with the theme of “Aerospace Breakthrough Technology Innovation”. During the two-day conference, more than 300 experts and scholars from 14 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Japan, and Israel discussed issues related to rockets, satellites, space stations, robotic space exploration, and commercial aerospace. In-depth discussions will be conducted to further expand international cooperation in the aerospace field.