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China's most advanced early warning aircraft, accelerated delivery
- 2019-09-11-

  Year-to-date, the Chinese Air Force has taken over seven Air Police-500 AWACS aircraft. If you add the five aircraft that will be taken over, the total number will reach 12, and this capacity is also among the best in the world. .

     Such as the high-speed construction of the Air Police-500 early warning aircraft, the relevant military experts believe that this is mainly to further adapt to the urgent development needs of our military's modernization of air force in recent years. As we all know, the Chinese Air Force has developed rapidly in recent years. The comprehensive performance of the new fighters represented by the 歼-20 and 歼-16 in the world is also commendable, but the development of the early warning aircraft has seriously dragged the Chinese Air Force's hind legs.

   existing air police -2000 large-scale early warning aircraft limited by the number of platforms (Russian supply bottlenecks and stability problems), Air Police-200 medium-sized early warning aircraft performance is insufficient, the Chinese Air Force is in need of a better early warning aircraft with better performance than Air Police-200. In addition, the three fighters of the Chinese Air Force, the 歼-20, 歼-16 and 歼-10C, are very high-information models. In order to let these main fighters play the greatest combat power in actual combat, only with the air police - 500 early warning aircraft synergy can be achieved.


        as current The global integrated performance leading Air Police-500 early warning aircraft uses the three-sided array active phased array radar, which is the most accurate of all the early warning aircrafts in the world, and the detection range of the same carrier platform and antenna size. Specifically, the solid-state active phased array radar used in the Air Police 2000 early warning aircraft can achieve a maximum detection distance of 470 kilometers, but its actual tracking distance for different targets is much shorter. The Air Police-500 AWACS has obvious advantages compared with it. As long as it detects the target at a certain distance, it can effectively track this target effectively, and the efficiency is much higher than that of the Air Police 2000 and the Air Police 200.

     China Air Force main fighter The main task of the -20, 歼-16 and 歼-10C equipped with a 400-kilometer range of 霹雳-21 ultra-long-range air-to-air missiles is to carry out over-the-horizon air-to-air strikes. Therefore, the medium-range guided mission can only be handed over to the air police. The -500 AWACS is implemented. For large targets such as the E-2 and E-3, the Air Police-500 can perform a tracking distance of at least 400 km. For stealth targets like the F-22. It is also possible to achieve an effective tracking distance of no less than 200 kilometers.

    From now on, the AIM-120D air-to-air missile with the longest range of the US military has a maximum interception distance of 150 kilometers. As long as this distance, the Air Police-500 AWACS can detect it early. And the commander escorts the 歼-20 or the 歼-10C and other fighters to guide, launching the 霹雳-15 long-range air-to-air missile to strike it. The J-15 air-to-air missile has a 200-meter original range, which is much higher than the US military AIM-120D air-to-air missile, allowing the Air Police-500 to command.

    See, realize the coordinated operation of the early warning aircraft and the fighter aircraft, and achieve the powerful cooperation of precise guidance and effective attack. This is the most powerful value of the Air Police-500. In actual combat, with the current strength of the world's air force, the cooperation between the Air Police-500 and the 歼-20, 歼-16, and 歼10C fighters has basically reached the world's top level.