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China's large military aircraft came out one after another
- 2019-09-12-

       According to statistics, the number of early warning aircraft in the United States is currently the highest in the world, and the country has 100 airborne early warning aircraft, of which E3 and E2 are the mainstays. Secondly, the Japanese and Russian military armed with early warning aircraft is the most in the world. Because of the purchase of American-made equipment for many years, Japan basically used the same airborne early warning aircraft E2C, while Russia was equipped with the Soviet A50 early warning aircraft.


       China as a rising star, although in the early stage of research and development, we need to use other countries' early warning aircraft to arm ourselves. Air Police-2000, Air Police-200 and Air Police-500 are the "Three Musketeers" in the air. After continuous upgrading, China's airborne early warning aircraft mainly uses Air Police-500 as the mainstream.


       The AWACS is perfectly matched in the air with the J-20 fighter, knowing 歼- The 霹雳-21 long-range guided missile is equipped with 20, while the Air Police-500 is equipped with a medium-range guided missile capable of tracking and striking 400km of the US E2 and E3 early warning aircraft, and outside this distance is the 歼-20 and other fighters to complete.


       According to the latest report, recently China has developed five Air Police-500 early warning aircrafts, plus the previous Seven of the current Chinese Air Force have 12 Air Police-500. In addition, the Yun-9 series transport aircraft produced by Xifei Group and the high-tech No. 6 and Gaoxin 9 were in the previous period. At present, the total number of large military aircraft in China has already ranked second in the world, directly approaching the sum of the number of US military aircraft. .