Triaxial Mine North Finder 0.5

Triaxial Mine North Finder 0.5

Product Details

1. Product Features:

This type of product is a fiber optic gyro north finder, based on closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope or high-precision MEMS gyro as the core component, mainly composed of inertial measurement unit, digital signal processing unit and mechanical mechanism, and has GPS/GNSS/BD reception. The expansion position of the components such as the machine and the odometer sensor can simultaneously provide the azimuth of the carrier and true north, as well as the motion attitude, speed and position information of the carrier. The products are mainly used for coal mining, attitude measurement of mining rigs, and also for static positioning and orientation of ground objects.


2, product parameters:

parameter NS-NF3D
Gyro type Triaxial fiber
Dimensions mm 200×100×90mm
Weight Kg 2Kg
Power supply AC AC220V, 50Hz/AC AC110V, 60Hz/DC DC18V~36V
Power consumption Not more than 15W
Start Time 5min
Working latitude ±65°
North seeking accuracy 0.5°secψ
North seek time 3min
Heading angle measurement range 0°~360°
Pitch angle measurement range ±65°
output method The universal RS422 serial interface can also be customized according to user needs.
Operating temperature -40°C~+60°C
Vibration environment 20Hz~2000Hz, 6.06g
Impact environment 8ms~11ms, 30g
Remarks Coal mine